March 29, 2023

Print Outsourcing Compliance Letters


Print Outsourcing USPS Certified Mail

Today’s business economy has many companies looking at print outsourcing to keep up with compliance and regulatory mailings. Many companies looking to cut costs and lighten staff work loads turn to Certified Mail Envelopes for solutions.  [Read more...]

Electronic Signature Certified Mail

USPS letter carriers capture a signature for every Certified Mail letter delivered – regardless if your purchase the Certified Mail Electronic Signature or not.  Your Certified Mail letter will provide evidence of mailing, in-route letter tracking  and final proof of delivery.  The option to purchase the signature after delivery from USPS is no longer an option. Make sure to add the signature with the Certified Mail Label at the time of purchase if you are needing it.  [Read more...]

How much does it cost to send a Certified Mail letter?

$6.74 is the current USPS Certified Mail rate to send a 1-ounce  Certified Mail letter with Return Receipt Requested service (old fashioned green card).  New 2015 postal rates increased the costs of the Certified Mail fee, First Class postage and the old fashioned green card. Follow this link to learn more about the USPS Certified Mail rates.

Can You Send Certified Mail® to Canada or Mexico?

No.  USPS Certified Mail® is a product of the United States Postal Service. USPS Certified Mail® with delivery confirmation is not available in Canada.  A comparable service used outside of the US is Registered Mail with Delivery Confirmation.

Electronic Return Receipt

Certified Mail Envelopes include proof of delivery. Electronic Return Receipt for USPS Certified Mail saves time, money and replaces old fashioned green cards. [Read more...]



USPS Certified Mail Forms PS-3800

USPS Certified Mail forms are available at the Post Office free.  But if you want to save time and money go online to Certified Mail Envelopes to address, track and print USPS Certified Mail bar codes and tracking numbers with PC Postage.   You can save $2.05 per green card mailing!  The number of  USPS Certified Mail compliance mailings are higher then last year’s mail volume and many companies are struggling to keep up  -  not to mention they desire to save time and money.  [Read more...]

Printing USPS IMB Barcodes and Certified Mail

Remember the day when letters were sorted manually, some of you may even remember Western Union and the telegraph or wire.  Today we live within technologies like the iPhone and iPad that have caused a sea of change.  Many people will have a difficult time understanding the ‘Old School’ or message and mail delivery methods of yesterday. 

Today  USPS is a government owned and run agency in the United States responsible for delivering mail. USPS is among the earliest Government run businesses based in Washington, D.C. and retains what some consider a monopoly when delivering letters and messages to your mail box. Through USPS, people may send letters, packages, Certified Mail, and business letters  to almost any delivery address in the United States.

Recently you may have noticed a new bar code appearing on the face of your letter or parcel.  It is called the Intelligent Mail Barcode, popularly known as IMB is really a brand new tracking and automated process to assist that can be used to help soft and track USPS Mail. It combines older Planet Signal barcodes and the POSTNET barcode into 1 unique type of barcode capable of providing more information.

Numerous USPS IMB bar codes were used to identify a variety USPS products and services like First Class, Certified Mail, Certified Mail Electronic Return Receipt, Certified Mail Restricted Delivery, Priority Mail, Express Mail, Media Mail, Third Class and others. The bar codes assist USPS understand the services related to each product line and the delivery importance they provide.

 Certified Mail Envelopes provides the web site and online process to address and track USPS Certified Mail with Electronic Return Receipt and proof of mailing and proof of letter delivery. This process is an example of how Intelligent Mail Barcodes are used on the USPS Certified Mail letters. The new Intelligent Mail Barcodes are effective to provide entry and in-route letter tracking scans from the United States Postal Service mailings. It is ideally suited for business required to complete compliance mailings and provide proof or mailing, track letter deliveries and is even used to confirm delivery and used by telephone call center operators to assist customers with support or assistance. Companies like Certified Mail Envelopes, Inc. can provide turn-key solutions for in-house mailers, letter shops, law firms, financial service companies and others. Another option is to use Send Certified Mail; they provide same day printing and mailing of compliance letters fast, easy. They also use the new Intelligent Mail Barcode for inbound letters that USPS cannot deliver for a variety of reasons. Many are marked Undelivered, Return To Sender, or Refused. Send Certified Mail electronically scans the exterior of the envelope when it is returned and provides their clients with an electronic log showing the USPS acceptance, in-route delivery tracking, attempted USPS delivery scans and then the Return To Sender or ‘Refused’ message from each mailing. 

Today many companies have increased USPS Certified Mail processing and storing the records electronically is not only a Green thing to do, it just makes good business sense.

Purchasing automated USPS Certified Mail supplies or outsourcing your USPS Compliance letter printing to a specialty supplier can save your company time and money.  Additional benefits include faster letter deliver due to the automated preparation and Intelligent Mail Barcodes used by the Post Office to deliver your letters. Additionally, outsourcing permits your staff to reduce in-house work loads.

To learn more about automating your USPS Certified Mail with Return Receipt Requested and Signatures contact Certified Mail Envelopes or Send Certified Mail.  These are two companies that can help you automate your next compliance or Certified Mail project. Everything you need to send USPS Certified Mail including Intelligent Mail Barcode, online web software access, CASS, entry paperwork, postage calculator, batch address list upload, Electronic letter tracking, Electronic Return Receipt, USPS Signature PDF’s and long term storage (7 years) of your records is available.

USPS Saturday Mail Delivery & Significant Rate Increases

The U.S. Postal Service USPS has proposed an adjusted mail delivery service schedule that will most likely allow stopping Saturday delivery.  The proposal involves stopping USPS Saturday mail delivery & significant rate increases in addition suggest closing some branches and expanding its use of many self-service kiosks in grocery and food store and other popular retail spots. These steps are the proposed strategy to help this bureau dig out from it’s mountain of financial debt and business losses.USPS posted a $3.8 billion loss in its 2009 fiscal year, the actual latest in a multiyear string of whopping losses. USPS Mail volume was down 12.7% pertaining to the actual year, a trend the agency expects to be able to continue over the entire next decade as more consumers turn online to fast and easy bill payments and electronic message delivery.

The United States Postal Service was in the red $10 billion when it comes to financial debt since of Sept. 30 — not far off away from its $15 billion maximum debt limit, which the agency expects to hit soon in its 2011 fiscal year.

The challenges that continue to hurt USPS’s bottom lines are reflective of the “macro transform in society,” Postmaster General Jack Potter said at a press conference Monday previewing the proposed changes. “All posts all over this globe have been challenged, just as we are, by the diversion of hard copy to electronic medium.”

The Unites States Postal Service is a self-sufficient government agency and does not receive taxpayer dollars.  It is to be funded entirely by its revenue generation. However, since the Postal Reorganization Act of 1970 constrains the agency’s operations. It prohibits USPS from closing small branches, selling much of it valuable real estate and is based soled on economic factors. This prevents the agency from modernizing and expanding its services to keep up with technology and changing times. 

In other parts of the world Post offices including Italy and Japan, have boosted sales by offering ancillary products and services, like banking. But because of Congress and the 1970 Postal Reform act USPS cannot expand beyond its most basic business model of selling stamp that can be done by machines and delivering letters that are quickly being replaced by email.

USPS has already started taking cuts to its current budget. The agency made $6 billion in cuts last year, reducing its workforce by about 40,000 employees and chopping overtime hours, transportation costs and additional expenses. Congress passed legislation allowing the organization to reduce retiree health benefit payments by $4 billion. 

Despite those measures, the agency still expects net loss of $7.8 billion in fiscal 2010.

USPS employs about 600,000 workers, about half of whom will be eligible to retire within the actual following ten years. Potter said the agency has historically overpaid into its pension fund, and would reap significant savings if it stopped prefunding its retiree health care benefits.

New Delivery Schedule and Significant Price Hike
The new USPS mail delivery model will consequently go before Congress for final review. Also a significant USPS price hike is under consideration for 2011 that will impact USPS Certified Mail and Extra Services like Return Receipt, Restricted Delivery, and Registered Mail.  The particular price most consumers about — the price regarding the first-class stamp — is locked in at 44 cents at least for 2010.

“At the end of the day, I’m convinced that if we make the changes that are necessary, we can continue to provide universal service for America for decades to come,” Potter said. “We can turn back from the red to the black, but there are some very significant changes that are going to have to be made.”


Go Green with USPS Certified Mail

Go Green with USPS Certified Mail & Electronic Return Receipt 


The paperless office, this idea and concept has been around for years but getting the concept to apply to USPS Certified Mail may be another thing.


Now You Can – Go Green with USPS Certified Mail & Electronic Return Receipt

The Paperless Office concept has been around for years but getting the concept to actually stick is another thing.  Many offices are filled with high speed copiers, printers and fax machines, and yes that friendly USPS letter carrier continues to bring us more paper each day.

It seams impossible to be entirely paperless in todays workplace. I am frequently asked by prospective clients how they can eliminate those old fashioned Green Cards and still have the legal proof their Certified letter was delivered.  This is when I introduce them to the Electronic Return Receipt that is included with each of our Certified Mail Envelopes.  It allows you to access your mailing, in-route tracking and Certified Letter delivery tracking information electronically through our online web based Certified Mail Electronic Tracking & Delivery Confirmation (ETC) service.  You can access 24/7 all of your Certified Mail tracking and delivery history for 7 years.  Print what you need when you need it.  No more lost green cards.  You no longer need to bury yourself under a mountain of USPS green card papers and forms .  Instead each letter and print the Electronic proof of mailing or delivery confirmation and Signatures records recorded by USPS on demand. 

Our web based Certified Mail Envelopes automation provides you ‘custom search fields’ to quick track and print your data.  Use a custom account number, reference ID  or  unique ID to quickly find each letter.  This links your USPS Certified Mail letter with your unique customer information and can help you find information quickly – on demand. When you are ready to track your letters, just use the search box in our web software to see your letter has been delivered by USPS or if perhaps it has been refused. 

Look at the benefits of going green:

•  Saves time and money on the cost of paper, printing, print cartridges.
•  Labor savings, you no longer need to file each proof of mailing and delivery record
•  Reduced storage space because your records are electronically stored online
•  Unlike paper records, electronic records can’t be misplaced in the mail stream and lost.

Myrna Brown is President of Certified Mail Envelopes, Inc. a company that specializes in compliance mailings and automated USPS Certified Mail solutions.  To learn more about automating your compliance letters, and ’Going Green’ with USPS Certified Mail call us.  Or sign up for the ‘free trial’ at Certified Mail Envelopes and Go-Green.