December 8, 2023

Certified Mail Automation ‘Quick Print Kit’

Our Certified Mail Quick Print Kit provides automated mailing solutions for commercial mail houses, letter shops and printers that need to print and mail USPS Certified Mail letters.

 The Quick Print Kit includes approved USPS Certified Mail Envelopes and processing used by Fortune 500 companies nationwide to automate mailing compliance letters and documents.  Our USPS Certified Mail automation includes a pre-approved USPS image file (JPEG, GIF, TIFF or PNG) or PDF address slip sheet that contains all of the required Certified Mail information including electronic manifest an postage.

Each record provides an individual record of USPS acceptance or proof of mailing, in-route letter tracking, and Electronic Delivery Confirmation sent by email with the Return Receipt Signature (PDF file) sent within minutes of delivery by USPS. A copy of each record is also stored in FTP or our 10 year archive data vault at no additional charge.

Our Certified Mail Quick Print Kit is designed for trade printers, mail houses, letter shops, and print brokers to easily process and print USPS Certified Mail or any compliance letters that need to be sent by USPS Certified Mail.

Lowest Price Guarantee!  Our lowest price guarantee provides you the ‘trades’ lowest price for identical processing and mail services… this alone will save you time and money.  With more than 12 Million transactions – we know USPS Certified Mail and do it more effieciently that others.

Our automated solution includes all materials and supplies including data processing, use of the website, secure FTP access, approved USPS Certified Mail Envelopes, Electronic Manifest, Electronic Delivery Confirmation, Return Receipt Electronic PDF’s, and Enterprise FTP access to process your data in a ’lights out’ environment.  Our processing has been ‘pre-approved’ by the United States Postal Service (USPS) and are proven nationwide in the USPS mail stream.

Certified Mail Labels and Certified Mail Envelopes were designed to help letter shops and commercial mailers get jobs completed on time and on budget.  The work begins with data processing, printing and mailing compliance letters by USPS Certified Mail.

Our Quick Print Kit Includes the Following:

  • Certified Mail Envelopes with Electronic Return Receipts.  Three size envelopes.  (#10, 6×9 and flat sized 9x 12 envelopes).
  • Free use of our web based or ’FTP – API’ software to automate processing and reporting data on demand 24/7, 365 days a year.
  • Our Special Services include USPS Certified Mail bar code printing that contains the Certified Mail article number and tracking information.

Our automation can provide you a USPS Certified Mail solutions you can manage for multiple jobs or customers for automated letter processing and reporting  for each client.  Set-it and forget-it – that’s the beauty of our enterprise solution.

Certified Mail Solutions System Processing Includes:
Required USPS Certified Mail article numbers
USPS Certified Mail Electronic activation
Certified Mail letter tracking data
USPS postage
Electronic SCAN (Shipment Confirmation And Notification) PS-Form 5630 (replaces manifest PS-3877)
A variety of post-mailing delivery reports availabel in Excel CSV.

How It All Works: 

Most commercial mailers install our process after the CASS process in the data department.  Our data processing begins with that data file.  We will add the USPS Certified Mail article numbers, correct postage and services requested.  Because each of our clients uses many types of software programs for printing such as Planet Press, Microsoft Word, or other post script print applications and files – we provide a variety of optional delivery formats. This allows you to pick the format that best fits your needs.

For additional information about our Certified Mail Solutions including our ’Quick Print Kit’ contact Certified Mail Envelopes at 800-406-1792.  Ask for the Quick Print Kit.