August 12, 2020

Go Green with USPS Certified Mail

Go Green with USPS Certified Mail & Electronic Return Receipt 


The paperless office, this idea and concept has been around for years but getting the concept to apply to USPS Certified Mail may be another thing.


Now You Can – Go Green with USPS Certified Mail & Electronic Return Receipt

The Paperless Office concept has been around for years but getting the concept to actually stick is another thing.  Many offices are filled with high speed copiers, printers and fax machines, and yes that friendly USPS letter carrier continues to bring us more paper each day.

It seams impossible to be entirely paperless in todays workplace. I am frequently asked by prospective clients how they can eliminate those old fashioned Green Cards and still have the legal proof their Certified letter was delivered.  This is when I introduce them to the Electronic Return Receipt that is included with each of our Certified Mail Envelopes.  It allows you to access your mailing, in-route tracking and Certified Letter delivery tracking information electronically through our online web based Certified Mail Electronic Tracking & Delivery Confirmation (ETC) service.  You can access 24/7 all of your Certified Mail tracking and delivery history for 7 years.  Print what you need when you need it.  No more lost green cards.  You no longer need to bury yourself under a mountain of USPS green card papers and forms .  Instead each letter and print the Electronic proof of mailing or delivery confirmation and Signatures records recorded by USPS on demand. 

Our web based Certified Mail Envelopes automation provides you ‘custom search fields’ to quick track and print your data.  Use a custom account number, reference ID  or  unique ID to quickly find each letter.  This links your USPS Certified Mail letter with your unique customer information and can help you find information quickly – on demand. When you are ready to track your letters, just use the search box in our web software to see your letter has been delivered by USPS or if perhaps it has been refused. 

Look at the benefits of going green:

•  Saves time and money on the cost of paper, printing, print cartridges.
•  Labor savings, you no longer need to file each proof of mailing and delivery record
•  Reduced storage space because your records are electronically stored online
•  Unlike paper records, electronic records can’t be misplaced in the mail stream and lost.

Myrna Brown is President of Certified Mail Envelopes, Inc. a company that specializes in compliance mailings and automated USPS Certified Mail solutions.  To learn more about automating your compliance letters, and ’Going Green’ with USPS Certified Mail call us.  Or sign up for the ‘free trial’ at Certified Mail Envelopes and Go-Green.