March 29, 2023

Certified Mail Return Receipt Requested

Certified Mail Return Receipt Requested

Certified Mail Return Receipt provides proof of USPS Certified Mail letter delivery. The ‘old fashioned green card’ is quickly being replaced by a the ‘Electronic Return Receipt’ PDF file that provides delivery confirmation and ‘in-route’ letter tracking authored by The United States Postal Service.

Certified Mail Return Receipt Requested
Each USPS Certified Mail letter provides proof of mailing and delivery of a letter. The sender receives a receipt at the time of mailing from the Postal Service. Certified Mail Return Receipt Requested is a product of the US Postal Service that provides information about when a letter is mailed and delivered. A Certified Mail Return Receipt letter is a First Class letter that provides evidence or proof of mailing as well as evidence or proof the Certified Mail letter was delivered.  Each letter contains a unique Certified Mail article number that is 21 digits long and the number is express as a bar code on the outside of the letter beginning with a ’94, 70 or ’71′ article number. These article numbers match back to an electronic file used to print the Electronic Return Receipt PDF file. This provides the sender a fast and easy way to store ‘Certified Mail’ Electronic Reports that provide proof of mailing and USPS letter delivery confirmation.  Using a Certified Mail Envelope with Electronic Return Receipt™ provides the ‘in-route’ letter tracking and the final letter delivery scan for each letter.


Certified Mail Return Receipt Requested Signature PDF file

Today Proof of Service is written in many state laws that favor USPS Certified Mail or USPS Certified Mail Return Receipt service this provides the sender the date of mailing or receipt, because it is noted on the Return Receipt.

To learn more about USPS Certified Mail solutions contact Myrna Brown Senior Vice President at Certified Mail Envelopes. Ms. Brown worked for the United States Postal Service in the Pacific Northwest in Sales and Marketing and today helps businesses automate mailing solutions. Contact Certified Mail Envelopes at 800-406-1792.

Electronic Return Receipt

Certified Mail Envelopes include proof of delivery. Electronic Return Receipt for USPS Certified Mail saves time, money and replaces old fashioned green cards. [Read more...]