June 10, 2023

The Department of Children and Families DCFS and Certified Mail Envelopes Automation

The Department of Children and Families (DCFS) in many states use Certified Mail Envelopes to automate mailing large batches of USPS Certified Mail letters with Electronic Return Receipt.  This provides DCFS a cost efficient way to serve letter notifications and obtain proof of mailing, proof of letter delivery by the United States Postal Service and develop a record storage archive for 7 years.

Primarily DCFS Certified Mail letters are used for compliance letter mailings or important demand notifications.  In many states an Office of Family Safety may be responsible for child protection and child welfare. This office is responsible for various programs and policy changes, developments, implementation and oversight.  

The Department of Children and Families may also send letters that manage child safety, permanency, well being, planning development, training and program oversight. In many States the Department oversees expenditures of federal and state funds that support prevention, investigations, protective services, foster care, long-term permanency planning, independent living, foster care, and adoptions.

Many State offices are also responsible for implementation and achievement of Child and Family services quality improvement plans to insure a system of care model is in place across each state. Community based care lead agencies comply with practice and systemic improvements outlined in the plan. Many offices serve as the primary entity responsible for child protection, policy and practice, maintains a strong commitment to child safety through strengths-based, family centered practice that is best delivered through local systems of care. These program offices are also committed to building and maintaining a front line workforce of caseworkers and supervisors who clearly demonstrate solid clinical, critical decision making that is grounded in comprehensive training. The future goals, objectives and strategies for child protection and welfare system over the next five years will be derived by bringing together multiple agencies.