May 28, 2024

Print Outsourcing Compliance Letters


Print Outsourcing USPS Certified Mail

Today’s business economy has many companies looking at print outsourcing to keep up with compliance and regulatory mailings. Many companies looking to cut costs and lighten staff work loads turn to Certified Mail Envelopes for solutions. 

Today businesses are out-sourcing many specialized compliance letters and variable print documents to reduce staff and meet compliance deadlines.  Many compliance letters require same day mailing with Proof of Mailing  from the United States Postal Service.  Myrna Brown, President of Certified Mail Envelopes explains how the service works. Documents with variable data are electronically sent to our secure printing data print centers across the US . Each letter is processed for compliance recording and assigned the USPS Certified Mail article number and tracking number. The business letters are printed closest to the letters desired destination of delivery then entered into the USPS Mail Stream for same day printing and processing. This expedites letter delivery and may require mailing within a certain State.

USPS Certified Mail is an example of complex mail that requires much administration time to process. Using our company’s automated fulfillment processes can improve transactional communications and thousand of important Certified Mail letters can be processed with speed and accuracy daily. Certified Mail Envelopes reports their company provides USPS Certified Mail services nationwide to a network of print partners and fulfillment specialists that can provide full-service printing, intelligent insertion, letter-finishing and mailing complex compliance regulatory letters.  Ms. Brown explains “our clients are required to send these important demand letters, product recalls, compliance notifications, and others critical information letters that require same day processing, printing and mailing to meet compliance and regulatory deadlines”.

Certified Mail Envelopes provides a complete outsourced mailing solution that is automated and includes Electronic Return Receipt that returns proof of mailing and delivery in electronic PDF files saving time and money. The majority of companies send USPS Certified Mail Return Receipt Requested service that includes proof of mailing and final delivery. Each mailing can provide in-route letter tracking to track letter delivery. Call centers have the ability to monitor USPS letter delivery and follow-up with phone calls that have improved collection rates and follow-up. Our service includes USPS data cleansing such as CASS to keep up delivery address changes and NCOA to fast forward letters and expedite letter delivery.  Our automation systems are approved by USPS and generate the reports, tracking bar codes and electronic in-route tracking and proof or mailing and delivery even the Electronic Signature. After the mailing, the mailing data including online letter and delivery tracking is available for call center access or analysis.  The information can also be integrated back into a company’s data warehouse for safe keeping.

Certified Mail Envelopes supplies materials and the Certified Mail automation to a network of print partners and solution providers and full service letter shop services. Our partners provide  printing, mailing, and address list clean up, letter finishing, folding and intelligent insertion.  IT  file conversions, automated and hand inserting, statement and billing services.

With recent changes in the financial economy many companies are looking for print outsourcing for USPS Certified Mail to streamline internal work processes. Outsourcing data for printing has shown no real business standard exists.  Data is processed in almost any format including Microsoft Word, Excel, PDF, CSV, dBase, MySql, Microsoft SQL and even HTML.

Today businesses must work smarter and find improved efficiencies.  Perhaps starting with the USPS Postal Service is a good first step. Looking back at history we could learn a lot reflecting on companies like Western Union that transmitted ‘bits of data’ electronically closest to message delivery area. This is where the message was transcribed and printed.  You would think that doing something this with the speed and efficiencies of the Internet would be no brainer.
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To learn more about print outsourcing for USPS Certified Mail and using any of the network Certified Mail print partners, letter shops and business mailers call us toll free at 800-406-1792 for a project estimate and evaluation.  Our automated Certified Mail solutions can help your business simplify complicated business communications.